What is a Social Security lawyer?

What is a Social Security lawyer?

Social Security lawyers are experts on the laws and procedures of government Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and disability benefits.

If you are a current SSI claimant or you think you may be qualified to receive these benefits, you should consider hiring representation to assist you in applying.

You may also want to consider hiring SSI lawyers if you disagree with the amount of benefits you are currently receiving or if you feel your application for benefits was wrongfully denied. SSI laws, forms and processes can be confusing and complicated, so the assistance of a specialized lawyer can ensure you receive the outcome you deserve.

If you are wondering “How do I find Social Security lawyers near me?” keep in mind, you should take the time to find the right lawyer for your case. There may be several attorneys in your area that specialize in this field of law. It is important to analyze each professional’s experience and fees before hiring one for your case.

To find out about the best ways to search for a “disability attorney near me” and the specific issues this lawyer can help you with, read through the following information.

Am I required to hire a Social Security lawyer?

Social Security lawyers are not mandatory and you are not required to obtain representation to file an SSI claim or to appeal a decision. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does allow you to hire a lawyer at any point in time when filing for benefits or appealing a claim denial.

Since SSA forms and procedures can be detailed and complex, a lawyer who specializes in this type of law can be helpful and can allow you to receive a more desired outcome.

When choosing an SSI lawyer, there are certain restrictions you must abide by that are set by the SSA. If you do not hire an SSI or disability lawyer in a manner that is acceptable by the SSA, your claim may be denied or you may be asked to re-apply for benefits without representation.

You can choose to appoint an individual or team that work for an organization, firm or corporation. However, you are not authorized to appoint the corporation, firm or organization to assist with your case.

After looking into SSI lawyers and choosing one to represent you, you are also required to provide notice of your decision to obtain representation to the SSA. This must be done before your lawyer attempts to file forms with the department or these filings may be rejected.

To notify the SSA that you have a Social Security attorney, you must provide a notice in writing that provides the individual’s name and your signature.

Your lawyer is responsible for providing the SSA with a review of the fees he or she is charging you for services rendered. This fee agreement must be signed by both you and your SSI attorney and your representative is only authorized to collect the fees stated in the agreement and no additional compensation.

However, additional charges for out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical reports, are acceptable.

What do Social Security lawyers do?

If you are wondering “Where is a disability attorney near me and what do they do?” it is important to review the tasks that this representative can assist you with.

A lawyer can assist you in filing your first SSI claim, understanding the benefits that have been provided and appealing a denied claim or the benefit amount calculated by the SSA.

Learn About Filing Your First SSI Claim

SSI lawyers can help you file your initial claim with the SSI. To apply for benefits, you must complete a form and provide information on your income, family composition and other details. A specialized lawyer can assist you in completing this form correctly and thoroughly, either online or in person.

However, you must sign the form to attest that all information provided is accurate and truthful. Your SSI attorney can also assist with any additional information requested from the SSA after your initial claim has been filed, such as medical records or a tax return.

Understanding Your Benefits

If you are wondering “What can Social Security lawyers near me help with?” keep in mind, these legal professionals can also help you to understand how your benefit amount was calculated. After your initial claim is approved, the SSA will provide you with information on the benefit amount you can expect, the frequency of these payments and the term you will receive them.

Your lawyer can help you to interpret these amounts, explain how they were calculated provide details on when you can expect to receive this financial assistance.

Learn About Appealing a Denied SSI Claim

Social Security lawyers specialize in assisting with appeals on denied claims. You may need representation when appealing a denial to:

  • Pull and organize valid medical or financial evidence.
  • Understand and build your case.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and forms to file the appeal.
  • Represent you during the appeal hearing.
  • Take additional steps to escalate your appeal, if needed.

By hiring a Social Security attorney to assist in your appeal, it is more likely that your denial will be overturned. A specialized lawyer is more familiar with SSI law and the specific evidence that is needed to obtain the desired outcome of the case.

How do I find Social Security lawyers near me?

There may be several Social Security attorney firms in your area that specialize in this field. However, it is important to look for a lawyer that can assist you with the details of your specific claim or appeal. When interviewing potential legal professionals to represent you, it is important to ask about:

  • Experience with SSI cases or claims.
  • Past appeal outcomes.
  • Previous client reviews.

Completing an online search for “Social Security lawyers near me” may provide you with numerous results. Therefore, it is important to choose several firms and attorneys to investigate before choosing one to represent you.

Not only should you trust that your representative is an expert in SSI law, you should also be comfortable with the fees he or she will charge. These fees must be approved by you and the SSA before the legal representative can begin to work on your case.

Confirm that these charges are within your budget and that you agree with how your legal representative plans to proceed in your case before claiming official representation.