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Learn About the Requirements for Social Security Benefits

A person’s eligibility for Social Security benefits is largely determined by the reason the applicant is seeking financial assistance. While all applicants for Social Security benefits must meet some basic requirements, additional criteria must be met for each eligibility category.   The most common reason people apply for Social Security… Read More

About 401(k) Plans

When you open up a 401(k) account, you are one of the millions of Americans who is actively saving money for retirement. The 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. When you sign up for this plan, your employer distributes company stock to you, which also allows you to… Read More

What You Need to Know about Social Security

The Social Security benefits program is the American government’s retirement and aid program for supporting various groups in need. Most commonly, Social Security benefits are associated with retirees and pension plans, but persons with disability and surviving members of families who have suffered the loss of a worker or serviceman… Read More

Learn About the Best Places for Veterans to Retire

If you are a veteran and are looking to retire in Belize or another country with a warm climate, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of retiring outside of the U.S. You must also apply for a retirement visa and have a thorough understanding of the rules… Read More

When is the best time to get life insurance?

Life insurance provides survivors with financial assistance that can take away the financial aspects of loss by providing survivors with money when it is needed the most. While you are automatically enrolled in a life insurance policy while serving in the armed forces, this policy will not continue after your… Read More

Learn About Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are funds paid to individuals and families who are retired, disabled or otherwise eligible for government aid. Contrary to popular belief, Social Security is not reserved solely for adults who are entering retirement, though this group makes up a significant portion of benefit recipients. In the U.S.,… Read More

Understanding 401(k) Plans

401(k) plans are pension savings options that help workers save tax-deferred money towards their eventual retirement. These retirement plans are intended to supplement a pensioner’s Social Security and other pension funds. Most people contribute to a 401(k) plan through their employer, though privately held 401(k) plans are available on the… Read More

How Trumpcare May Affect You

If you are receiving free health insurance or reduced coverage through Medicaid, it is important that you understand the latest program regulations to take effect under the Trump Administration. While some of these regulations do not affect you as a beneficiary, they may have effects on future coverage, and the… Read More

How to Time Social Security Benefits

Social Security is government assistance program gives seniors in the United States an income after they retire. As employees, they pay their taxes toward Social Security throughout adulthood and then begin collecting benefits when they have reached a certain age or become retired. Seniors receive a monthly payment through Social… Read More

How to Apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits

Applying for Social Security benefits upon retirement can seem like a complicated process, but qualified applicants can usually submit an application according to government guidelines without too much difficulty. While there are multiple groups of American citizens that can be eligible for Social Security benefits, the largest benefactors by far… Read More