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Learn About the Requirements for Social Security Benefits

A person’s eligibility for Social Security benefits is largely determined by the reason the applicant is seeking financial assistance. While all applicants for Social Security benefits must meet some basic requirements, additional criteria must be met for each eligibility category.   The most common reason people apply for Social Security… Read More

What You Need to Know about Social Security

The Social Security benefits program is the American government’s retirement and aid program for supporting various groups in need. Most commonly, Social Security benefits are associated with retirees and pension plans, but persons with disability and surviving members of families who have suffered the loss of a worker or serviceman… Read More

How to Apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits

Applying for Social Security benefits upon retirement can seem like a complicated process, but qualified applicants can usually submit an application according to government guidelines without too much difficulty. While there are multiple groups of American citizens that can be eligible for Social Security benefits, the largest benefactors by far… Read More