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Learn About Assessing Your Assets

Reviewing your current financial condition is an essential part of financial planning, and that includes reviewing your assets. Even though there are many components to financial planning, you should also asses your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Checking how your investments are going is key to reaching your financial goals.… Read More

Learn About Buying Versus Renting on a Low Income

When deciding whether to buy HUD housing or apply for aid through a government rental assistance program, it is important to review the program guidelines and processes. There are many advantages to buying your own home, but the home buying process can be daunting and expensive, especially if you are… Read More

Learn About Personal Finance

Saving money is a skill that Americans can improve upon today. Half of Americans did not set money aside for retirement and no more than a few hundred dollars are in the savings accounts of 35 percent of American adults. Less than 20 percent of American have more than $10,000… Read More

How to Manage Your Financial Portfolio

A financial portfolio is a term used to refer to the collection of investments of an investor. Investment portfolios typically include stock and bond holdings, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. These portfolios can also have other speculative or financial market tools an individual can use to increase his or her… Read More

Your Guide to High-Risk Investments

When it comes to investments, some are considered “high-risk” while other safer types of assets are called “low-risk.” In the world of finances, the chance for an investment to perform at a loss of capital in relation to what was expected is referred to as a risk. Depending on their… Read More

How to Invest in Stocks

If you are interested in using your money as a tool to generate more wealth, investing in stocks can be an effective method. However, it’s important to note that investing in stocks also comes with a risk of financial loss. Before you attempt to make a profit on the stock… Read More

Understanding Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a tool that helps you establish a strategy for the financial wellbeing of you and your family. You can use financial planning to predict your future cash flows based on your current financial situation. The tool uses important variables such as assets, current net worth, tax liabilities… Read More

How to Get Started with Financial Planning

Financial planning encompasses a wide variety of different financial matters including debt management, budgeting, investing, saving and retirement planning. Because there is so much involved with financial planning, it can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin. Although planning out your finances can be intimidating at first,… Read More

Learn About Mutual Funds

For a large number of individual investors, mutual funds are the easiest and most effective way to start generating capital. In fact, a greater amount of investors are utilizing mutual funds as a way to build wealth off of investments than ever before. Since mutual funds are so effective, more… Read More

How to find the right home through HUD

If you filled out a Section 8 housing application online application, and you were approved for the program, you will have an extensive list of eligible Section 8 tenants who are waiting for benefits. This waiting list can form when the program has utilized all its funds on eligible applicants,… Read More