Learn About Steady Work From Home Jobs

Learn About Steady Work From Home Jobs

If you have started looking for a work from home opportunity, you may have felt overwhelmed by the number of job postings on career boards and other sites.

There are many jobs that offer the flexibility of staying at home during operating hours, in order to complete work. However, it is important to take the time to understand the tasks included in the position, and the hourly pay you will be provided.

Reviewing the hours required from you to complete the job is also crucial, since working from home can easily take over your personal and family time.

There are many legitimate work from home jobs hiring now in several different fields and industries. While some of these opportunities require you to have experience or education, there are also entry-level positions available that can allow you the freedom of staying home, while earning a salary.

If you want to know more about work from home jobs in data entry and other lines of work, read through the following information.

Learn About Transcription Remote Jobs

If you are in the market for work from home jobs for moms, a transcription job may be a good fit.

However, with this job, you must be able to set aside quiet time to perform the tasks assigned. As a transcriptionist, you are responsible for listening to an audio recording or live streaming and transcribing the audio to text.

Therefore, to succeed at this opportunity, you must:

  • Be able to type quickly and with little-to-no errors.
  • Have experience with computer programs that play audio files and create documents.
  • Be able to meet tight deadlines.
  • Have good spelling and punctuation skills.

To obtain transcription remote jobs that pay well, you may also be required to already have experience in the field. If you are entering this industry with no previous transcription experience, you may be able to find an opportunity, but you may only be paid $20 to $25 an hour.

However, with experience, this pay rate may raise to $40 to $45 an hour, depending on the type of transcription work you are required to perform.

When looking through work from home transcription jobs, you will find there are different types of transcriptionists.

You may find opportunities in the following fields:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • General

When browsing these work at home jobs, it is important to research the company offering the transcription job. Read reviews from past employees, and speak with a company representative about the procedures for completing your tasks and receiving payment. You should not be obligated to invest any money when taking on a remote transcription position.

How to Work From Home in the Insurance or Medical Fields

There are many legitimate work from home jobs hiring now in the insurance industry, including life, health, auto, business and homeowner’s insurance companies and agencies.

Many of these companies are open to hiring employees who will work remotely, because insurance policies can now be sold and serviced strictly by phone or online. However, travel may be required for certain sales or appraisal positions.

While these are not simple work from home jobs in data entry, many insurance companies are open to hiring remote employees who do not have previous experience in the industry.

You may find several available positions in the insurance industry that allow you to work remotely, including:

  • Sales agents.
  • Appraisers.
  • Project managers.
  • Underwriters.
  • Customer service representatives.

In some cases, remote insurance employees may be offered hourly wages, while sales representatives may only earn commission.

Work at home careers in the medical field have been increasing, due to the technology takeover of the industry. There are many companies that offer virtual services from nurses and pharmacists, which can be administered online or through video conferences.

Additionally, data entry work from home jobs in the medical field may include medical coding or transcription. Pharmacists can also oversee prescription transfers or review prescription information from home. In most cases, these medical jobs require previous experience, education or specific certifications.

Learn About Bookkeeping Work From Home Jobs for Moms

If you enjoy numbers and finances, bookkeeping work from home jobs may be just what you need to earn extra money.

There are many full-time opportunities, but many bookkeeping and tax accounting firms also hire remote workers to simply help seasonally, or on a part-time basis. The pay you are offered through these positions is usually directly related to the experience you have.

For example, if you are looking for a work from job in data entry, and do not have any bookkeeping or financial experience, your hourly pay for a remote bookkeeping job may be around $15 to $20 an hour.

However, you may earn more if you are a:

  • Certified public accountant (CPA).
  • Mortgage broker.
  • Certified bookkeeper.

If you have additional experience, education or financial certifications, you can also expect for your pay grade to be higher. There may be different types of positions available through bookkeeping companies.

In some cases, you may simply be completing calculations or organizing financial records. However, some work from home positions in bookkeeping may require you to assist customers directly, and explain financial solutions and tax return filings to them.

Learn About Work From Home Jobs in Data Entry

There are many legitimate work from home jobs hiring now in data entry, since this task encompasses many industries and positions. With a remote online data entry position, you only need a computer, keyboard and internet access to complete your work.

In some cases, you may be required to download and access certain computer programs to enter data.

To be successful at this work at home job, you should be a fast typist who is able to input data with minimal grammatical or spelling errors.

Depending on the position for which you are hired, you may be asked to input numerical, alphabetical or symbolic data from printed, online or audio materials. Your pay rate may vary by company and experience, but is usually $10 to $20 an hour.

Most work from home data entry companies will hire you to complete work on a contractual basis. This means you are not an employee of the company, but you are self-employed. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying your own taxes on the income you earn.

How to Avoid Work From Home Scams

Scams are common among the work from home opportunities offered in the data entry field. Always ask questions about the type of work required, hours, wages and method of payment. Do not agree to work with a company that requires you to purchase a starter kit or software before starting your job.